KYOTO Guesthouse higashiyamananajyo is Cheap kyoto apartment,flat

京都シェアハウス 京都ゲストハウス東山七条 kyoto apartment 日本京都租房・月租・宿舍 일본교토고시원

Kyoto apartment, Question and Answer BASIC

Q. I would like to know the payment structure.
A. Check the  Payment structure page Except for first month payment, we need the next month rent till 25th
Over one month staying, the days rent is showed at bellow.
Over one month 1F 2F
One day 1900yen 2100yen
Q. Can I check the room before I reserve ?
A. Sure! Please ask to us by Email or Call.
Q. Is the Guest house placed near the Kyoto station ?
A. The guest house is 13min. by bus from Kyoto station. Here is main place for sightseeing.
Q. Is there curfew ?
A. There isn't. However, we will lock the entrance after 21:00 for safety. We give the entrance key to all guests.
Q. Can I use internet ?
A. You use your own laptop, you can connect to internet freely because of wire-less LAN.
Q. Is it possible to reserve the room ?
A. You can reserve room before 4 month you move in. However, you need to pay deposit (10,000yen.) If you cancel the reservation, the 10,000yen is not returned to you. If there is no problem, the deposit will be returned.

Question and Answer move in

Q. What should I prepare when I move in?
A. You need to bring 10,000yen for deposit, rent for a month, and copy of identification.
Q. Do I need a guarantor ?
A. You do not need. But we need copy of identification.
Q. What kind of identifications do you need ?
A. Passport, Alien registration card ,Valid visa, and so on.
Q. Can I contract with two or more persons in one room ?
A. It is possible. In the case, you need to pay 20,000yen per person.
Q. Can I cancel a contract halfway ?
A. Yes you can. However, please apply about that until 1 month before. Moreover, the remaining rent can not be returned.

Question and Answer Facilities

Q. Is there key room?
A. We wikk give the key for both room and entrance when you move in.
Q. What kind of facilities does the room have?
A. There are Huton (Japanese style bed), television(Only 2nd-floor room),desk and air conditioner.
Q. What kind of facilities does the kyoto guest house have?
A. We have laundry (150yen), refrigerator, microwave oven, wireless LAN, basic cooking tools, and dishes as sharing things.
Q. Can I use shower room anytime?
A. Sure, shower rooms are available for 24 hours.
Q. Can I cook by myself ?
A. There are 2 kitchens as public space, and there are basic equipments for cooking.
Q. Who is going to clean public space?
A. Staffs clean the public space. but if you make somewhere dirty, please clean up by yourself.

Question and Answer Cleaning

Q. Who is going to clean my room ?
A. Please clean by yourself. Also, it is your responsibility to clean up your sheets.

All tenants are supposed to be in charge of the cleaning duty about twice a month. You will have to take out the garbage and clean the common spaces (kitchen, shower, toilet, hallway, etc).